We are a “GO” for RIMRA Launch May 14th 2016

We are a “GO” for RIMRA Launch May 14th 2016

Lets pray this weather stays with us until Saturday.  We will have the grill going hotdogs hamburgs etc.

Jason from AMWPro will not be at this launch.

Brenton DeBoef with daughter preflight.

Brenton DeBoef with daughter preflight

Last Launch Brenton DeBoef, representing URI’s esteemed Faculty, achieved his level 1 NAR High Power Rocket certification with a flawless launch. (He made add esteemed)

Brenton DeBoef's off the pad

Brenton DeBoef’s Rocket off the pad









Seawolf - CATO 3 Seawolf - CATO 2 Seawolf - CATO 1Other flights did not go as well, names have been withheld until notification of next of kin.

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