OCTOBER SKY LAUNCH – October 8th This is going to be a big one!!!


This is a launch not to be missed!!  NASA will be closing Kennedy Space Center, SPACEX has delayed all launches as everyone will be at our launch.


This is Tri -launch with Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society (CMASSand CATO (AKA; Carefully Arranged Tree Ornaments – AKA; Contraptions Accelerating Toward Orbit – AKA  Crash, Assess, Tantrum, re-Order – AKA;  Consumes Assets allocated To Others).

The Launch setup start at 9am, and we launch as soon as we set up so if you can help then the sooner we launch.

The Rocket Grill will be back with hot dogs,  hamburgers, chips,  soda and water.

Jason will be here to meet all your rocket needs if you need anything special contact him directly at Jason@amwprox.com / www.amwprox.com.

We are going to have a contest for closest rocket landing to the pin.   The Prize………… a  signed copy of Homer Hickman’s “Rocket Boys” the basis for the movie October Sky. 

We will have a trivia contest during the launch to win a few model rockets.

RIMRA is raising money to buy a trailer from this Launch.  Over the past year with money raised from our launches and a grant from NAR we have purchased new wireless launch equipment, new high power pads,  new low/mid power rack stand, safety equipment, public address system and weather station. – Thank-you for all your support!!!!!!

This is a launch not to be missed!!

We will post any changes to the launch due to weather on this website by Friday at 6pm 




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