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Due to weather forecasted we are a no-go for this weekends February 11th 2017 launch

We are no-go for RIMRA’s July 10th launch

We are no-go for RIMRA’s July 10th launch (Tomorrow)
We are reschedule a joint launch with CMASS for one of the September or October RIMRA Launches.
If you are itching to launch, CMASS ( ) and CATO ( ) are launching next weekend on the 16th.
We will be back to our regularly schedule launch for August 13th .
In the mean time watch this it will cheer you up: 

We are Go for Launch July 9th (Saturday) 2016.

This is a joint Launch with CMASS (Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society).  This will be a great launch with our friends from CMASS they know how to run a launch and this will be the 3rd joint launch with them, each one has been great!

All are welcome, just to watch, launch a small rocket or a big one, we will be grilling some hotdogs for lunch and will have chips and soda – spread the word!   

We start setup starting  at 9am and go to around 2:00pm +/- …….basically, when we run out of motors or we have maxed our credit cards with Jason, which ever comes first.

Check out the Launch tab on our website for more information:      We will update the website as we get close for any weather delays. 

If you want membership application email

Let’s launch!

Jason from AMWPro-X will be on site selling motors, rockets, electronics etc

AMWprox copy



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