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RIMRA November Launch is postponed to November 18th

On a positive note, we have worked with the University of Rhode Island on revised Launch Field Protocol. There are several entities within and outside URI that have operations on the Peckham Fields. This revised protocol preserves each stakeholders interest. The new Protocol will be posted in the website in the next 72 Hours for your review

I want to thank the University of Rhode Island for supporting our Club and seeing the value we bring to the community through students interest in “STEM” and keeping Born again Rocketeers “BORs” off the streets.We hope to see more URI Students involved in the club’s activities.

(Note: Faculty and Students from the University of Rhode Island can become members and attend launches for Free )

In reading many books on the US Space Programs and the past and current astronauts there consistently seems to be certain commonalities among many of them that I have personally noted,

1) They read “The Right Stuff,” Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
2) Attended one of the Apollo or Space Shuttle launch as a kid.
3) They had teacher or mentor or role model that believed in and motivated them.
4) Was Active in some form of a STEM program in or out of school.
5) They Built Model Rockets as a Kid (And some still do……

You never know someday maybe one of RIRMA’s young members will be the next astronaut to MARS…………

NASA Astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren launches model rockets with children

Team America Rocket Challenge “TARC”


Family Fun

Father Daughter Team …GO URI !

Father Son Team

We are Go for Launch July 9th (Saturday) 2016.

This is a joint Launch with CMASS (Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society).  This will be a great launch with our friends from CMASS they know how to run a launch and this will be the 3rd joint launch with them, each one has been great!

All are welcome, just to watch, launch a small rocket or a big one, we will be grilling some hotdogs for lunch and will have chips and soda – spread the word!   

We start setup starting  at 9am and go to around 2:00pm +/- …….basically, when we run out of motors or we have maxed our credit cards with Jason, which ever comes first.

Check out the Launch tab on our website for more information:      We will update the website as we get close for any weather delays. 

If you want membership application email

Let’s launch!

Jason from AMWPro-X will be on site selling motors, rockets, electronics etc

AMWprox copy



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