The “Crew”

Rhode Island Model Rocket Association (RIMRA)  NAR #755

Club Mail Address: 26 Old Richmond Townhouse Road   Richmond RI 02812

Club e-mail Address:


President:  Ray Dipaola  – ray_dipaola (at)

Ray DiPaola  is a certified level 2 HPR flier who finds the whole idea of a rocket kit puzzling. Builder of the famous rice-rocket series, Ray is an avid scratch-builder who seems to live by the credo “But that’s already been done”. Ray spends his non rocketry time doing odds and ends involving computers and would be happiest if he could find an outdoor data center someplace that requires snow shoes to get from his parking place to the office. Ray has actually published a book on great snow-shoeing in Vermont. Ray can be found in Pawcatuck, Connecticut when not wandering the woods or chasing rockets.

Treasurer: Jeff Oppold   – jmoppold (at)


Vice President : John O’Connor  – johnoconnor5 (at)

John O'Conner

John O’Conner

John is  Level 2 High Powered Rocket fabricator.  His rocket theory is simple; make them look real pretty on the first flight, and keep shooting them up until they don’t come back.  In addition to RIMRA, John is Level 2 HPR Certified and  is a member of CATO, CMASS,  MMMSC, and NAR.  In the picture is a flea bitten mutt and John’s Dogs.

BAR / Webmaster: Paul Raducha – paulraducha (at)

Solar Reach  -Paul is a Born Again Rocketeer “BAR”.   He focuses on crative custom design and build two stage Rockets.   Paul is looking to get his Level 1 Certification this year.  Paul is also member of CATO and NAR.  He spends most of his time in Bristol holed up in his shed aka “AREA 636”.  When Paul is not in the shed or chasing rockets downwind he is building large scale renewable energy project.





Club Mail Address: 26 Old Richmond Townhouse Road   Richmond RI 02812