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Model rocketry is a one of those rare intersections of fun and learning. Model rockets build math, physics and chemistry skills.

For decades amateur rocket builders, or “rocketeers,” have been aiming their rockets towards space. Now with advances in materials and technology, they’re actually able to get there. QUEST travels to rocket launches in fallowed fields and barren deserts to learn more about this addictive hobby and to meet a group of passionate high school rocketeers who are about to launch their rocket into the stratosphere!  see it here


Model rocketry is a powerful tool for teachers who wish to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math into a fun, engaging, and challenging activity.

When designing model rockets in the computer lab, the students have an opportunity to match their ingenuity with the limits of Newton‟s Laws of Physics in order to design their own model rocket that is aerodynamically sound. Fine motor skills are honed during the construction of the rockets as they measure, cut, and glue their rocket parts to the specifications that they themselves determined. Teamwork is a skill that they acquire and they organize into a group with many specialized responsibilities for the purpose of launching their rockets and collecting valuable data to be processed and analyzed in the classroom. Suddenly, the Pythagorean Theorem makes sense as they visualize the giant triangle formed by the flight path of their rocket. Newton‟s Laws are in full enforcement right before their very eyes. Through the activities of model rocketry, science and math not only exist, they “come to life.”

Resources for Teachers and Youth Group Leaders  You are welcome to take advantage of our field experience in educational rocketry by using the set of free online resources listed provided below. Our guides are produced by members who have helped teachers and youth group leaders like yourself all over the United States, and are chock full of practical suggestions.

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