Usefull Links

National organizations:

National Association of Rocketry (NAR)
Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

Forums/places to get information:

The Rocketry Forum
Rocketry Planet
Newton’s 3rd
Rocketry Online
Ye Olde Rocket Forum (YORF)
Essence’s Model Rocket Reviews (EMRR)

Data, plans, and software:

Jim Ball’s Scale Library of Missile Data
JimZ’s Rocket Plans
Ye Olde Rocket Plans
RASAero (Free)
RockSim ($)
SpaceCAD ($)
Visual Center of Pressure (VCP) 1.64 (Free)
Winroc (Free)
wRASP (Free)

Last but not least the mother of all links:

In the course of fooling with model rockets recently, I came across tons of good information. Following are some links that other hobbyists might find useful. This is an informally organized list (translation: I throw useful links into ill-defined buckets). I add stuff to it as I come across things that look like they might be useful.