Launch Information

RIMRA secured a launch site a 3000ft x 1500ft sod farm located in West Kinston Rhode Island.  The field owned by University of Rhode Island and operated by a private farmer both of which have granted approval to launch at .

We are a low-power and high-power club and can fly any rocket to 1,500 feet.  Anything over 1,500 feet to 3,000 feet we need clearance from TF Green’s tower who has final right of refusal.

At this time, launches will be held monthly  on second Saturday of each month, with Sunday reserved as a Rain Date. 

Launch dates will be posted to the Calendar along information.

When the field is wet the farm manager wants us to stay off the field with cars. So parking will need to be in the spots at the farm buildings or along what appears to be a horse riding ring just north of the buildings.  We all will have to walk in from there.

Link to  Launch Location

Link to Launch Protocol

RIMRA - 1st Launch